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U.S. Media Development Seminar on Palestine

2016 Media Development Seminar

July 14-July 25, 2016 in Jerusalem and the West Bank


The 2016 Application Form is now available online. Please click to access the new Word document.

Applications due January 13, 2016
Awards announced March 11, 2016

The Palestinian American Research Center (PARC) announces its second Media Development Seminar on Palestine. This 12-day seminar is for U.S. faculty members with a demonstrated interest in, but little travel experience to, Palestine.

PARC will select 10 to 12 U.S. journalism/media faculty members to participate in Jerusalem-based activities that will include visiting university media departments and local media outlets as well as meeting with Palestinian scholars and members of Palestinian media community, civil society and government.

Through these activities, participants will learn about the region, deepen their knowledge of media in and about Palestine, and build relationships with Palestinian colleagues both in academia and the media sector.

Applicants must:

  • Be U.S. citizens.
  • Be faculty members at recognized U.S. colleges or universities.  Applicants should be professors in media, journalism, or other related departments at their universities.
  • Have a demonstrated interest in Palestine.
  • Have little previous travel experience to Palestine.
  • Be willing to integrate their experiences from the seminar into their own teaching and/or pursue a joint research project or publication with a Palestinian colleague.
  • Be a member of PARC. Visit the PARC membership page for more information.

PARC will make all arrangements for seminars, workshops, tours, and meetings with Palestinian colleagues. PARC will cover all expenses for in-country group ground travel, accommodations, and group meals. Round trip international travel from the U.S. to Tel Aviv will be the responsibility of the participant and/or his/her university. In the case of demonstrated need, there is limited funding available to cover partial costs for international travel. Personal and free day expenses will be the responsibility of each participant.


2016 Media Development Seminar

PARC held its second successful Media Development Seminar (MDS) in July of 2016. Ten U.S. professors of media, film, journalism and communications explored the media landscape in Palestine with roundtable discussions on journalism, social media and film; visits to a variety of media outlets; and meetings at Palestinian university media centers. The program included in-depth tours of several historic cities, visits to research and cultural institutions, and ample time to connect with Palestinian colleagues. PARC has plans to offer the MDS every other year with the next seminar being in the summer of 2018.

2016 Media Development Seminar Participants

Catherine Cassara
Associate Professor of Journalism
and Media Studies
Bowling Green State University

Ron Krabill
Associate Professor of Media Studies and Director of MA in Cultural Studies
University of Washington, Bothell

Sally Ann Cruikshank
Assistant Professor of Journalism
Auburn University

Anjali Nath
Assistant Professorship of American and Media Studies
American University of Beirut/University of California, Davis

Sarah Friedland
Director of Storytellers' Institute
Skidmore College

Jeannine Relly
Associate Professor of Journalism
University of Arizona

Nancy Kalow
Adjunct Professor of Documentary Studies
Duke University

Carol Schwalbe
Professor of Journalism and Director of Graduate Studies
University of Arizona

Sang Hea Kil
Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator of Justice Studies
San Jose State University

Karin Wilkins
Professor of Communications and Director
of Center of Middle Eastern Studies
University of Texas, Austin

2014 Media Development Seminar

PARC launched its first Media Development Seminar (MDS) this year, which was composed of ten U.S. professors of media, film, journalism, and communications. The MDS followed a program and objectives similar to our successful Faculty Development Seminar launched five years ago. The group visited media centers at four different Palestinian university campuses, met with people at various Palestinian NGOs, and visited print, radio, and TV media outlets. The program included three round table discussions, dinners with Palestinian colleagues in media, and tours of historic sites in a number of West Bank cities.

2014 Media Development Seminar Participants

Ebony Coletu
Assistant Professor of Rhetoric
Pennsylvania State University

Ken Harper
Assistant Professor of Post-conflict Media Development
Syracuse University

Patricia Davis
Assistant Professor of Communications
Georgia State University

Kandace Harris
Department Chair and Associate Professor of Mass Media
Clark Atlanta University

Shahira Fahmy
Associate Professor of Journalism
University of Arizona

Linda Lumsden
Associate Professor of Journalism
University of Arizona

Tami Gold
Professor of Film & Media Studies
Hunter College, City University of New York

Jason Osder
Assistant Professor of Media & Public Affairs
George Washington University

Mary Gould
Assistant Professor of Communications
Saint Louis University

Laurie Rice
Associate Professor of Political Science
Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville



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