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Getty Cultural Heritage Program



Naseer Arafat: Director, Cultural Heritage Enrichment Center
Project: Comparison between Ottoman buildings in Nablus and Istanbul
Affiliation: American Research Institute in Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey

Shadi Ghadban: Associate Professor, Department of Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Birzeit University
Project: Ottoman Influence on the Stylization Process in Palestinian Architecture after 1840
Affiliation: American Research Institute in Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey

Hamdan Taha: Assistant Deputy Minister, Sector of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage, Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities
Project: Excavation of the Tawaheen es-Sukkar: A Study of Sugar Production in the Jordan Valley
Affiliation: W.F. Albright Institute for Archaeological Research, Jerusalem


Rania Taha: Engineer, Nablus Municipality
Project: Analysis of Architectural Heritage Problems in the Old City of Nablus
Affiliation: American Center for Oriental Research, Amman, Jordan


Issam Juha: Center for Cultural Heritage Preservation, Bethlehem, Head of Rehabilitation Department
Attended Workshop on Cultural Heritage: Research, Resources, and Methods, Istanbul, Turkey

Fellowships in Cultural Heritage for Advanced Regional Research

The Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC) conducted a program workshop and three grant cycles of the Getty Research Exchange Fellowship Program. The fellowship program was open to Palestinian scholars who have already obtained a Ph.D. or have professional experience in the study or preservation of cultural heritage who wished to undertake a specific research project in cultural heritage at any of CAORC's participating research centers located in the Mediterranean Basin and Middle East.

About the Fellowship

This program of research fellowships served to build cooperative networks among practitioners and scholars from the Mediterranean Basin and Middle East whose research and professional interests focus on studying or preserving cultural heritage. The program drew on the resources, facilities, and contacts of American overseas research centers in the region to enable the recipients to further their research and to build professional networks in and among the host countries. Each cycle of the three-year program funded up to twelve, one- to two-month, short-term residencies with Palestinian recipients affiliating with one of the American overseas research centers in the region. Funded by the Getty Foundation, the fellowship included a travel and living stipend. A final report in English completed the program.

Selection Process

In addition to a review by PARC, applicants were ranked by an appropriate scholarly review panel selected by CAORC and judged on the scholarly significance of their proposal and its importance to understanding the focus region, the potential value of any collaboration proposed, the feasibility of the research design, the applicant's research background, and the quality of the reference letter.


This program was made possible through support from the Getty Foundation.



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